Build with user-owned data

Data Portability

We believe that data should be portable across applications, and that any developer should be able to access cross-platform data if a user grants access. We support a data portability API which allows users can bring their cross-platform data with them to consumer applications, powering next-level personalization and seamless onboarding. To learn more, read the API docs. The API supports direct data access, or privacy-preserving inference using each user's personal, fine-tuned model.

Explore apps using the API: Portrait, Chirper, uSlap.

Personal Servers

Your data and your models are fully yours. Stay in full control by self-hosting a personal server for your data and local models. Your data doesn't leave your self-hosted personal server, even while used in applications. To get started, download the package here.

Collective Ownership

The first data DAO, r/datadao, launched on the Vana network in April. We are working on generalizing this infrastructure to enable data DAOs and model DAOs, and eventually a user-owned foundation model. To learn more about how it works, see the network docs.

You should own your data and the AI it creates. This means transparent data permissions and a system that moves beyond cookie popups and towards true ownership.

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